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Darryleen Wiggins

Program Manager -Respite

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Project Officer - Respite

Lots to Say…

Ralph Doedens

Well, it’s September already and the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and it’s easier to get out and about.

STAR has been very busy in the past month supporting people with disabilities and developing new programs.

Recently, we commenced a new group home funded by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) for some younger clients in the 15-24 year old cohort group in Tasmania. This is very exciting as it offers the opportunity to some young people who would not have had funding without the NDIA.

STAR has also secured a great activity centre to use in Hobart for some weekend activities for younger people with disabilities. More details on this will follow when the programs are launched.

During the past month, many of us had the privilege of sharing in a birthday celebration with one of our clients (Barb) who turned a sprightly 88 years old and I am pleased to say that she  thoroughly enjoyed all of the attention. We are also pleased that Barb has volunteered to join our next General Staff Meeting to present the 10 and 15 year service awards.

We are continuing to develop the systems we need and improve how we do things and some of the ongoing initiatives include:

  • Looking at how we can reduce energy costs longer term by introducing smarter/greener ways of operating.
  • Finalising the staff intranet with access to policies and forms which we hope to launch very soon.
  • Improving systems to capture client support provision and client support needs to reduce the administration time involved with current processes.STAR staff then visited two schools Sacred Heart and Bowen Road and Megan, Darryleen and Lena spoke to the children about including everyone and then 10 STAR staff worked with around 120 children in total with development of individual art works depicting STAR’s values. STAR received some great coverage with Southern Cross and Sea FM during the day as well.Please keep a look out for our 2014 STAR Annual Report and Annual Magazine. Both of these are due to be release in late September and include highlights of the past year.Till next time then.
  • Our AGM is to be held at the Tower Road Office on Monday 29th September at 6.00pm. So please feel free to come along and then join us in a cuppa after the brief formalities are completed.Please take the time to look at the many photos and stories on this website – many covering the activities I have mentioned.
  • Megan is to be especially congratulated for the tremendous work she did in preparing for the ‘Wear a Star day’ and ensuring it all ran very smoothly.Our work in partnership with the Lions club continues to evolve and we met with some of the members from LEO’s (young Lions Club members) who want to provide some voluntary support and help for STAR. At this stage, we are looking at their assistance with the sensory garden at the STAR Respite centre and maybe also at community centre in Lenah Valley.
  • Recently, STAR launched its ‘Wear a Star for a day’ program which is designed to increase awareness of people with disabilities and improve their inclusiveness in the community. It was launched on Wednesday 17th September very successfully and engaged a group of around 25 businesses and other support groups around Hobart with a breakfast – where the work of STAR and personal experiences were shared along with the art program that will continue into 2015.