Welcome to our new Volunteer – Paige Crossin.

Paige has joined us for some work experience for the next few weeks and will be helping Rosie out on the front desk.


Thankyou for everyone who attended the combined staff meeting and stayed behind to be involved in the attached photo. Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.





The School Holiday program starts on Monday 5th January 2015 – Friday 30th January.

Where: Bowen Road Primary School – Gymnasium

* School holiday program will operate from 8.30am Monday—Friday

* Please bring your lunch, snacks and drink

* There will be a number of activities on offer each day including: painting, cooking, construction, craft, ball games, sports and music

* Please ensure that we have all updated profile information and medication if required.

* Please complete the attached sheet to confirm your days, times and transport arrangements or contact Craig or Amy on 62 449444

* Written confirmation of booking will be sent to you along with a copy of the program

* Funding though an ISP/brokerage or NDIS will be required to participate

Jan 2015 school holiday program




How Time Flies!!

Ralph Doedens

2014 has passed so quickly – they say that time passes quickly when you are having fun and when you are busy. In that case it has moved twice as quickly as we have definitely been busy and having fun. All of us at STAR have really enjoyed supporting so many more people and programs during the past year.


In the words of that song by the Carpenters, “we have only just begun” as there are so many more great projects that we have recently completed and hope to develop further from late 2015 and into 2016. Some of these include:

- A great day planned for the International Day for People with Disabilities on December 3rd 2014. See more details on our website.

- Continuation of the UR Connected Art Project which will also feature on the 3rd December. This is a great example of the whole community getting together to express their connectedness.

- Planning of the new deck and access to the side gardens at the Adults unit at the Respite Centre continues. The combination of Glenorchy Lions Club and the Tasmanian and Australian Lions Foundation have confirmed they will fund the materials and have secured the voluntary labour to build the deck. The plans have now been submitted to Council for planning approval.

- Using some recently promised grant funding; we will spruce up all the Units at the Respite Centre. This will include a shade sail for the children’s play area, updated kitchen in Unit 2 and painting throughout. All of these projects will help the Centre be even more welcoming and enjoyable when all the projects are complete.

- Our new format client survey has recently been completed and feedback shared with each service area. Thankyou to all the clients and families that participated. This will now be a regular 6 month survey that will help us look for ways to improve our services in line with feedback received.

- Our 6 monthly Staff Satisfaction Survey has also been completed with over half the staff participating. Focus areas continue to be agreed within staff teams to help staff engagement and identify how management can better support staff in their roles.

- The NDIS continues to be refined and developed. The pilot has identified the need for STAR to introduce further backroom efficiencies and develop useful tools to assist staff and clients. This includes the need to increase backroom economies of scale and to identify suitable systems and processes to manage the new funding model. We all really believe in the NDIS as it provides two key benefits in that it provides Clients with the ability to choose providers and it also allows them to develop individual support plans that accurately represent the support required. Accordingly, these are also the areas that require the greatest focus by all involved to ensure the greatest benefits.

- We are looking at adding more Group Home Supported Accommodation through NDIA at a number of possible new sites. We encourage all families and carers that are looking for supported accommodation to speak with STAR, the NDIA (for clients aged between 15 and 24) or the Gateway services about possibilities with STAR.

- Recently two of our Program Managers (Lena Mitchell and Darryleen Wiggins) attended the Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability (ASID) Conference and Lena presented to the conference on Positive Behaviour and Active Support methodologies. Also, Darryleen has recently taken on the role of Editor of the ASID magazine – called IDA. Well done Lena and Darryleen!